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Divorce, Child custody, Child Support. 

During this sensitive time our Office provides compassionate services. We are here to oversee your best interest from the division of property to to visitation rights.

We can represent you in custody cases to help you obtain a custody agreement you are happy and comfortable with.

We can help you whether you wish to seek child support for your child or if you need assistance with your child support balance and Attorney General Correspondence.

Criminal Defense

DUI/DWI, Family Violence, Possession, Assault, Theft, Failure to ID, & More. 

A criminal charge has the power to forevr change the course of your life. As a criminal defense attorney, Ms. Erendira Alvarez-Parra uses her knowledge of the criminal justice system to defend her clients and their rights.


Ms. Alvarez-Parra firmly believes in "innocent unti proven guilty." 


When it's time to ensure your family's future our Office can provide you a hassle-free experience. Call and make an appointment today to get started on your last will.


When a passing has occured we understand it's a sensitive time for you and your loved ones. Our services are compassionate and timely to ensure you and your family the time you need. 

Last Will & Testaments.


Defense & Record Expungment.

Juvenilles at times find themselves charges much more serious then they had ever imagined. The criminal justice system is unforgiven to the unexperienced, help protect the future of your child by hiring an experienced and compassionate attorney.  

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